What's Your Skin Type?

Nowadays every skincare product seems to be for a particular 'skin-type'. For a lot of guys, knowing what that is however, can be a challenge. Here we outline the primary skin types, how you can identify which you are, and a top tip to help with each!

Oily Skin

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Male skin in general is oilier than our female counterparts due to an excess of sebum. Tell tale signs are that your skin appears shiny, with enlarged pores. People with oily skin will generally experience more spots and blackheads.

Solutions: A good solution for oily skin is to get a good moisturiser. People often confuse oil with hydration. In fact hydrating the skin helps to provide a better balance and controls oil production.

Dry Skin

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Those with dry skin will notice their skin gets flaky often. It comes about due to a lack of sebum. Dry to touch and tight, people with dry skin are also more likely to succumb to redness and itchy patches.

Solutions: Have a warm, rather than hot, shower. Hot showers will cause irritation and make dry skin worse. Also limit time where your face is exposed in the shower.

Sensitive Skin

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Skin that is easily irritated. Signs of sensitive skin include frequent red patches and general discomfort. 

Solutions: If you suffer with sensitive skin make sure to check what you're buying in terms of skincare. Some products contain ingredients that will make your skin worse. In general avoid products with strong scents.

Combination Skin

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As the title suggests, people with combination skin have a mixture of the above. Normally consists of medium sized pores and an oily T zone (forehead, nose and chin for those who don't know!) Often has blackheads around the nose.

Solutions: Bit of a pain as you'll want to use oil absorbing products on the oily areas, but avoid them on the dry areas. A non-abrasive exfoliator will go a long way to reducing oily skin, while also softening dry and irritated skin.

Normal Skin

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Very rare. Well balanced with an even tone and texture. Skin is neither too oily or too dry. Skin is also less prone to acne or spots.

Solutions: While you've somewhat lucked out with your skin type- insofar as there aren't any 'stand out' issues, it's important to maintain your skin. Make sure to keep a healthy diet, avoiding excess greasy foods or alcohol which could make your skin oily.


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Alex doyle