Summer Grooming Essentials 2018

Wanting to look your best for that late summer holiday but don't know where to start? We got you covered. Here are the grooming essentials you need for any summer holiday. 

Sea Salt Texturising Spray



Perfect way to start your hair styling routine, providing hold and texture to amplify your look. This one by Fudge comes in at aroud £10. Use before applying any wax or pomade, speaking of which...


Strong hold Pomade


Preferable to a wax in the heat (avoids expanding in the way a lot of waxes do), and provides stronger hold to protect you throughout the day. Check out this imperial classic, with water reactivation, so perfect for the beach or poolside!



Face Wash


Invest in a refreshing Face Wash to give you that pick me up feeling in the morning, and clear out any toxins from the night before. Perfect after a day in the sun too. This one from Kiehl's is on the pricier side at £19.99 but is one of the best we've found and has a nice scent to boost!




A facial moisturiser is essential when out in the sun all day. The sun will dry out your skin so moisturising is a must to keep your skin healthy. We've got you covered on this front thankfully! Our moisturiser also contains sunscreen (though make sure to top it up with some stronger SPF sun cream too!)

A BB cream

download (1).jpeg

Pack a BB cream with a bit of colour to even up your tan throughout the summer and avoid any embarrassing redness. We're working on bringing out our own at the moment, but until then Garnier's does a decent job.

  A Summer Fragrance


A tropical holiday needs a tropical scent. So ditch the heavy hard hitting scent for something a bit sweeter. This one by Comme des Garcons isn't cheap but it's got an intoxicating scent, and is worth it if your budget can stretch, or as a present!



That Final Touch


Finally, a concealer's essential for those little emergencies, such as a random spot, or the dreaded sunburn. A life saver if ever there was one.



Alex doyle