More men than ever are using cosmetics as pressure from social media grows

  • 19% of UK men admit they wear cosmetic products - another 20% have considered doing so
  • Only 18% of Brits disagree that men should be able to wear makeup to enhance their appearance without being judged
  • Nearly 60% of 18-24-year olds know at least a few males who have worn cosmetics compared to just 45% of 31-35-year olds
  • More than two thirds of 18-24-year olds feel pressure from social media to look good
  • Despite changing attitudes, more than 56% of men would still feel uncomfortable approaching a makeup counter
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We’re on the brink of a revolution in male skincare. One in 5 guys have now admitted to wearing cosmetic products, with another 1/5 saying they’ve considered doing so. This is huge growth compared to just a few years ago, when that figure was one in ten, and it’s Generation Z and Millennial's leading the march. 

We carried out the study in collaboration with One Poll to determine the state of the market, surveying over 2,000 men and women across the UK.

There’s been a distinct shift in attitude towards guys wearing cosmetics, with just 18% of respondents stating they don’t believe guys should be able to wear makeup to enhance their appearance. What we’re witnessing is the growth of a more open, more liberal generation that are accepting and responsive to the idea of male cosmetics.

There’s so much pressure nowadays to look good, that skin problems constitute a serious cause of anxiety for many young people. The abundance of social media means you’re on display more than ever, so the ability to have a quick touch up for your skin before taking that snap is appealing.   

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I say this from personal experience. Growing up through school and university I suffered from acne, and it severely hindered my confidence. It got to the extent whereby I wouldn’t go to a party because I was so self-conscious about my skin. Being able to wear concealer gave me the confidence to not worry about my skin, and still continues to do so. Since wearing concealer I’ve noticed my skin problems have started to disappear. Partially due to the active ingredients within Face Fix, which help eradicate excess dirt, oil, and grime, but largely also because I no longer stress about my skin, which was causing my acne to flare up even more, a vicious cycle indeed.  

As a brand our aim is to give guys that little bit more confidence that I gained from wearing concealer. Despite more open attitudes to makeup, our survey showed that most guys would still feel extremely uncomfortable approaching a makeup counter. We feel the industry as a whole remains heavily female-centric. While there are a few male leads in makeup campaigns nowadays, these still remain a rarity. Our aim is to help men feel more comfortable purchasing cosmetic products, and create balance in the industry. 

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Written by: Alex Doyle, CEO, Altr for Men

Alex doyle