Look your best this season!

This is Altr’s skincare guide to looking your best this festive time of year! If you’re new to this skincare thing, or are a seasoned pro, you’ve got to have a read through our tips and recommendations!


First up, cleansing a.k.a washing your face - and not with that nasty bar of soap! We’re in the process of developing our own face wash, but in the meantime, Altr recommends this gentle & affordable cleanser, which is suitable for a range of skin types. It’s non-comedogenic properties means it doesn’t block your pores, cleaning your skin well without stripping away any of the skins natural oils.


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Use it with warm water (not too hot as scalding water can dry your skin out!) 


If you so choose, next up is shaving. Shaving in the shower (or immediately after) allows for an easier shave, as your hair is softer! Shaving in the direction of hair growth means your less likely to get any razor burn or nicks, however we understand going against the grain will get a closer shave. We recommend to go with what works best for you, but stick to one direction throughout the shave to minimise any irritation. Altr recommends you use this shaving cream, containing Aloe Vera to soothe the skin:


The Body Shop Maca Root & Aloe Shaving Cream

After cleansing and/or shaving, pat your face dry with a towel…don’t rub dry as that can irritate!


Follow all this with our Whiskey Infused Moisturiser, massaging in circular motions to kick start your circulation, on your face and neck.  With a variety of softening and tightening agents, our moisturiser will keep skin fresh and smooth… it’s a must have for these winter months!  


Altr Whiskey Infused Moisturiser

If you’re at the gym throughout the day (no judgement here if you’re not!) we recommend applying our moisturiser again, as exercising can leave your skin dehydrated.

Blemish Balm

If you’re not 100% happy with your complexion, and want to even out your skin tone, we recommend our new Blemish Balm. For use after moisturising, this is a multi functional correction cream which provides lasting nourishment for the skin whilst concealing redness and imperfections.

Just apply a small amount to your palm, then use clean fingers to gently massage the cream into your skin. Start with a small layer and build up if necessary, using across your whole face to create an even look! You can also use a wet beauty blender to dab the cream into your skin, like Carl does here.  With a medium coverage, our BB cream will give you a fresh faced, illuminated look without being obvious or ‘cakey’.


Altr Blemish Balm

Face Fix

Finally, add our Face Fix concealer over the top to cover any visible blemishes, dark eye bags or shaving nicks.

Make sure your finger tips are clean, swipe some product out the tin, and dab lightly to the area. Or again, you can use a beauty blender to dab. Watch Carl use both, here.


Altr Face Fix

Before you go to bed, you should repeat the cleansing & moisturising steps!

Keeping in check with a good skin care routine will change you forever… and the future you will be thanking him when he gets ID’d buying a Red Bull. If you have any questions about our products or recommendations, hit the contact us form!

alex doyle