One Resolution You Can Keep- How to look after your skin in 2018

It’s the start of February, and by now our New Years resolutions are burning in the wayside. The idea of a gym membership ended when you saw the price; healthy living ended by that hungover kebab. 

One resolution you can make (and keep!) however is to take better care of your skin. Unfortunately guys aren’t conditioned into taking care of their skin in the same manner as women are. Consequently, sooner rather than later our skin becomes, well, weary to say the least. 

Here are a few tips however that will help keep your skin in top shape for the New Year:

1. Wash your face properly  

How often you should wash your face depends on your skin, but be careful not to over-wash. Washing your skin too often, or with hot water can lead to irritation and actually worsen your skin. Those with dry or sensitive skin particularly should avoid washing your skin too often, stick to once a day. 

2. Moisturise, especially after exercising and shaving

Moisturising daily will help to reduce the appearance of lines and keep your skin looking fresh. This is particularly important after exercising, which leaves your skin dehydrated due to evaporation. Dehydrated skin can cause pores and clogs.

3. Check what products you’re using

A lot of guys choose what they wash their face with by popping to the local Tesco’s and picking up the cheapest shower gel on offer. When it comes to your face however you need to be careful to avoid any ingredients which will irritate your skin. Treat yourself to a facial cleanser that will last. Your skin will thank you for it! 

Commit to your skin in 2018, it’ll thank you for it down the line!

Alex doyle