Rating The High Street

Spending your weekend being dragged around the shopping centre? If you're in need of some new clothes, this may help...



Good for the basics, and has some decent collabs (see above) overall range however lacks quality. Good enough for lounging around and your standard work clothes, but maybe go a bit higher end for the night out wardrobe.

Rating: 6/10

All Saints

Great quality clothing, jeans in particular mix style and comfort brilliantly. Also do some of the best garish Summer shirts. Only problem is the price, with basic Tees coming in at around £30. If you have the budget go for it, otherwise maybe get a few staples to mix in with the rest of your wardrobe.

Rating: 8/10

River Island

I thought we left you in 2010? Seriously though River Island is kinda underrated. Lot's of rubbish but they have a few top quality signature pieces, which if you can find, are both flattering and not too expensive.

Rating: 6/10


Genuinely should be left in 2010. Who didn't have one of these jackets? Times have changed, but Superdry shouldn't come with you...

Rating: 3/10


Walking down a UK high high street nowadays is like looking at a Topman catalogue, but for good reason. Topman offers a huge range of menswear at affordable prices. With top quality clothing for every occasion Topman's pretty much the number one spot for affordable menswear today.

Rating: 10/10

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Alex doyle