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I started the brand due to personal skincare problems. Suffering from issues ranging from acne to eczema, I tried numerous pharmaceutical and medical solutions, but to no avail. 

A female friend of mine recommended a concealer, and non-irritable moisturiser. After trying the products I thought they were great, and really helped in overcoming confidence issues, but they weren’t quite right for my skin type, and none of the brands available spoke to me as a 21 year old guy. 

This was when I decided I wanted to create a fusion skincare brand for men which combined traditional male grooming and cosmetics, and could help other young men to look better, and feel more confident. 

- Alex Doyle


Why Altr?

With over 20’000 UK customers, and hundreds of 5 star reviews on Amazon, we’re the fastest growing and most innovative male grooming company on the market. Our goal is to push boundaries, to help you look and feel better than ever.

We know first hand how bad skin can ruin your day. Our products are designed to quickly help your skin look better in the short term, as well as feel better in the long run. We’re all about simplicity, creating natural looking products that can easily be added to any guys morning routine.

All of our products are cruelty free, meaning no animal testing! We also care about the environment, so all of our packaging is ethical and recyclable after use. 

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Join the revolution

In Summer 2017 we conducted a survey with One Poll. The results were as follows;

  • 1/5 guys in the UK now wears cosmetics

  • A further 20% have considered wearing cosmetics

  • 50% of people know a guy who wears cosmetics

  • 18-24 year olds are the generation most likely to try cosmetics.

Just five years ago only 1/10 guys admitted to wearing cosmetics. The industry’s growing rapidly, fuelled by a young, bolder generation who don’t care for social stigmas.



While everyone’s skin is unique, did you know that men’s skin is on average 25% thicker than women’s?  This is due to hormone testosterone, leading to skin that contains more collagen, and is tighter in appearance. 

Male skin also tends to be rougher and oilier than our female counterpart’s skin too. Men have more active sebaceous glands, which means larger pores, and greater sebum production. Consequently it’s ph is lower and leaves skin more prone to acne, and other impurities.

Our products are designed with this in mind, with a thicker consistency, and higher blend to suit the tougher male skin. We also use ingredients that help remove excess oil, dirt and grime from the skin, which are a prime cause of breakouts.